How to Dress an Infant

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To dress an infant, be careful not to hyper-extend the child's joints, always put socks and a hat on young infants, and make sure clothes are weather appropriate. Make dressing an infant fun by playing games with them with advice from the mother of three young children in this free video on parenting.

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Hi, I'm Erica. I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I'm going to talk to you today, about how to dress an infant. There are obviously many ways to dress an infant. It depends on the weather, of how much you put on them, or how little you put on them. If it's hot outside, or they're just newly born, or they're just going to be in the house and it's warm, you can just put them in a onesie like this. Real easy, you just put their head through the head, and then put their arms through, and just button up at the crotch, and that's really easy. You can also put on t-shirts, and be sure to always have them wear socks. That way, they're feet will get warm, and usually when they're infants, be sure to put a hat on them, and that just keeps their body heat in. That's very, very important, and then if they are really, still really small, and they have their hat and socks, and like pajamas on, be sure to wrap them in a blanket. You can dress them in whatever you want, just be sure that it's weather worthy, so if it's cold outside, don't put them in a tank top and shorts, be sure to dress them warmly, and vice versa. If it's warm outside, be sure to dress them coolly, because the baby can get fussy, if they are too hot, or if they are too cold. Be very careful when you are dressing your baby, that you don't hyperextend their joints, that you don't pull their joints too far out, when you're dressing them. Be very gentle, do it slowly, you don't have to rush through it. Play with them during it, you can play with them, and just kind of brush their belly a little bit, and make it a fun activity, and just be sure, just to be real careful, and be really gentle, when you're dressing your baby.


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