How to Calm a Colicky Baby

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Calm a colicky baby by rocking the baby, burping the baby over your shoulder or massaging the tummy in a clockwise motion. Help a baby with colic get rid of excess gas with advice from the mother of three young children in this free video on parenting.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Erica in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm going to talk to you and show you how to calm a colicky baby. There can be many reasons why your baby is colicky or is very, very fussy. If your baby is very fussy, uncontrollable, you can't calm them down with putting them in a swing, they are not hungry, and their diaper is dry, then they might have colic. Usually a good way to calm the colicky baby down is to try a rocking motion. You can also try burping them over your shoulder. Just try burping them normally because it might just be extra gas. If you are feeding your baby a milk-based formula, you can try switching to soy, because sometimes babies get more gas when they drink the milk-based rather than the soy-based. It just depends on your baby. You can also massage their tummy by massaging in a clockwise motion from the right side of the baby's tummy, right under the rib cage, down to the bottom left side of their tummy. Just go in a circular motion, or in tiny circles in a clockwise motion. This can help reduce the gas and move the gas out of the baby, which is really helpful.


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