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Tile a floor by making sure the foundation is good, covering the sub-floor with cement board, laying out tiles from the center of the room, spreading mortar and then applying the tile. Finish tiling by pressing grout into the tile edges with instructions from a remodeling contractor in this free video on home improvements and repairs.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson, I'm going to talk to you about how to tile. Now in this case we've got a bathroom that we have tiled. Now you start out by making sure that you have a good foundation. Now in order to lay down ceramic tile, or stone or any kind of a tile on the floor, you need to have a good backer. Now in this case we have a vinyl floor and a sub floor that was in pretty good shape so we used a quarter inch cement board over that, secured to the floor, to give that base. But the cement board gives you a good firm base for your tile to attach to. If you're working from just a sub floor then you'd want to use a half inch cement board to go over that. So once you have your cement board in place, then we've got to lay out the tile and one method to use is to find the center of your room. So you find the center between the two end walls, center from the widest wall and we would mark that spot and then that would be our starting point. Now in some bathrooms, the layout might be a little chopped up or such as this one where you've got a closet built in here, you've got a corner of a closet, shower, a wall built out, so it doesn't necessarily lend itself well to lay out your tile using those centers. So in this case, we want to look at the largest area of the room. We want to balance the tile area at that area and then use the area around the sink and the doorways and the showers to wash out any of the odd size tile there. Now when you get ready to lay your tile, what you need to do is use a thin set mortar and apply it to the floor using this trowel. And what we do is we spread it out and we've removed a tile so we can kind of see right here. But you spread it out and then you use these notches then you put it in and you draw it across so that what you end up with are ridges. Now the ridges leave just enough adhesive to adhere the tile,but it also allows with the grooves that are on the back of the tile, to create a suction when you push down. So once you create these ridges with your tile, you put your tile in place and then you want to very firmly press is down. Now to maintain this spacer, we use plastic spacers. In this case we use quarter inch. So we would place the spacers all around and then that holds your line to keep your lines perfectly lined up. Once you do that then you mix up your grout. You use a float to grout and press the grout in and then you wash it up with a sponge. And just washing the surface to remove all the excess grout. And you usually have to do that several times in order to get all that grout out.


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