How to Make Low Fat Hamburgers

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To make a low fat hamburger, select a lean ground beef, such as 20 percent, 14 percent or even 7 percent fat, which adds just enough flavor without the large amounts of fat. Grill up low fat hamburgers, using smaller portions to cut down on calories, with instructions from a successful banquet chef in this free video on cooking.

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Trying to get lean? Afraid of that burger? I'm Jawara the chef and I will show you how to eat a low fat hamburger. A low fat hamburger starts with a selection of meat that you pick from the super market. The label says lean ground beef, but it also says twenty percent fat, or you could choose one that just has fourteen percent fat, or you could choose that have ten percent fat, here's the one that you really one, this one have seven percent fat, that's nice! Fat makes a hamburger taste good. Just because we use a low fat beef doesn't mean that we will lose the flavor. Now that we done had our low fat beef, now I done made my portions of the hamburgers. We've got a nice eight ounce portion right here, we have a mid size which is six, and for the little petite, we have a nice four ounce. Now, since you done purchased your low fat beef, think very careful, use the smaller portion to cut down on the calories, the smaller burger. Since there's less fat in the burger, you do not want to overcook it, because you don't want it to become dry. O.k, I've got my teflon pan right here, no oil or nothing, when you flip it over, whatever you do don't mash it down because you don't want to lose the juices. See how perfect that burger sits on that bun, now I think that was the right choice. Now, here's my low fat burger. Now, don't go messing up now, with cheese, mayonnaise, but a little dab of mustard will be good for it. Don't add no extra fat to your burger, like bacon, avocados, chili, that's extra. You don't need no extra fat. I'm Jawara the chef and that's how you make your low fat burger.


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