How to Make Lavender Perfume

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Making lavender perfume starts with blending the carrier oil and essential lavender oil, adding a carrier alcohol, such as Everclear, and allowing the mixture to cure for 24 hours before analyzing it. Create a lavender perfume with helpful advice from a natural perfume producer in this free video on perfumes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stephanie from and I'm going to show you how to make a lavender perfume. You'll want to start with lavender essential oil this is the essence of the plant that has been distilled and so this is essentially the scent molecules of the plant. So, you're going to take the essential oil and the carrier oil. I'm going to be using fractionated coconut oil. You can also use jojoba or any other fix oil like grape seed or almond or sunflower oil. You can also use as your carrier alcohol such as Everclear or a high proof vodka but anyway either way you want to take about a milliliter of your lavender oil and add that to your vial. Then you want to take to make it twenty percent concentration, you're going to take about four milliliters of your carrier and add that to the oil. This gives you about a twenty percent concentration of your perfume. Then you want to let this mature. Let it melt together the carrier and the essential oil. Let that sit about twenty four hours and then it will be ready to bottle add it to the bottle of your chose and you have a perfume that you can enjoy.


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