Types of Perfume Oils

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Types of perfume oils include essential oils, which are found naturally in plants, or fragrance oils, which are synthetically produced, and each type contains base, middle and top note scents. Understand the different types of perfume oils with helpful advice from a natural perfume producer in this free video on perfumes.

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Hi, I'm Stephanie from stehanieknaturals.com and I'm going to tell you about the types of perfume oil. Now perfumes are made from essential oils which are the natural distilled essences from plants and there are also fragrance oils that are usually synthetically based or they may be a mix of synthetics and natural materials. Now, when you're making a perfume oil, either one can be used. I always use essential oil so that's what I'll be showing. Essential oils can be categorized in several different types, and we have base notes, middle notes or heart notes, and top notes. The base notes will be the longest lasting. They'll be things like tree resins and woods and the middle notes will be things like flowers usually, and herbs or spices. They'll be the heart of the perfume, but the top notes are the shortest in length. They're things like citruses and seeds and they will come off in the perfume the quickest, but it's also the first thing you smell. So when you make a perfume, you want to have a balance between all these types. And that will create a balanced perfume, so be sure and mix top notes, middle notes and base notes to create a finished perfume.


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