How to Make a Perfume From a Plant

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Perfume can be made from plant material by filling a jar with flower petals, pouring Everclear over the petals and allowing the high-proof alcohol to absorb the scent molecules from the plant. Make perfume from any flower or plant material with helpful advice from a natural perfume producer in this free video on perfumes.

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Hi, my name is Stephanie from I'm going to show you how to make perfume from a plant. The first thing you're going to want is your plant material and you'll want a jar a little glass jar that is large enough just to cover the amount of plant material that you have. Second thing you'll need is Everclear. It is a high proof alcohol and what it will do is actually absorb the scent molecules in essential oils from the plant into the alcohol. So, what you'll do is you'll pack your little jar fill of as much of the plant material as you can fit and cover it with the Everclear. You'll want to let this sit for about twenty four to forty eight hours to absorb as much scent as possible and then you will filter this using just the plain coffee filter and filter out all the plant material and what's left over is called the tincture and this tincture will have the scent of your plant. Now, you can if the scent is not very strong in your tincture, you can repeat this process as many times as you want to get a stronger scent and when you're done, you can mix this with other plant tinctures or flower tinctures or you can add other aromatic such as essential oils to have your finished perfume.


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