How to Deal With a Mama's Boy

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To deal with a mama's boy, make sure boundaries and expectations are clearly defined in the relationship, and offer definite signals about the type of behavior that is expected. Realize that a man may just have a very close relationship with his mother by using advice from a psychologist in this free video on dating.

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Hi, my name is Reka Morvay, I'm a psychologist, and I'm going to talk to you today about how to deal with a Mama's Boy. Now, if by this phrase, we mean somebody who has a very close relationship with his mother, and isn't ready to step out into the adult world of taking responsibility for their lives and their actions, then the only thing you can do to deal with a person like that, is to make sure that you're boundaries are, and expectations are very, very clearly defined in the relationship. So that you, you protect yourself, A, and B, that you give a very firm and definite idea, and a definite signal towards this man about what kind of behavior you expect from him. So, if you have somebody who, who's 'Mamaboyness' is expressed in that he tells everything to his mother that happens in the relationship, and you're not comfortable with this, then you can very clearly communicate your discomfort with this. On the other hand, you might have to respect the fact that he has a very close relationship with his mother, and that he does need, just like you need to talk to your girlfriends, maybe, or whoever that you trust, about your emotional difficulties, he may have the same need to talk to his mother about it. What you can do, is to just be really clear about your expectations, and your feelings and let him know if this is something that makes you uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the fact that he's a Mama's boy is expressed in something like expecting you to do all the household chores, and do, do things for him that he is not capable or not practiced in getting done for himself, like you know, maybe he has no idea how to do his laundry, or no idea how to cook for himself because his mother has always taken care of that stuff, again, you need to be able to communicate it very clearly that you have an expectation, or that you have a limit. And you say, "well, maybe your mother did this for you before, but I'm not going to step into that role and do that for you." So, expressing and explaining your limits and expectations is the best way to deal with somebody who is a Mama's boy.


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