Preparing Teenagers for the Real World

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Prepare teenagers for the real world by involving them in real world activities, having them do chores, explaining how bills work and keeping the lines of communication open. Begin laying a foundation for openness with a child before they become a teenager with tips from a psychologist and counselor in this free video on parenting.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Reka Morvay. I'm a psychologist, and I'm going to talk to you today about how to prepare teenagers for the real world. The best way to allow your teen to prepare for the real world is involving them in your own real world activities before they turn into a teenager. Obviously they're children, so from the time that your children are little, it helps if you involve them in household chores. If you explain to them how bill paying works, and how your money is handled, for example. If you are a member of any charitable organization, take your children along with you. Let them see another side of the world, and above all, try to keep your lines of communication open with your children, because once they become teenagers, they will probably become more wrapped up in their own identity and creating who they are, and with their own social relationships than with whatever you taught them before. So before they turn into teenagers it's your chance to kind of lay a foundation for an openness to the world that makes them aware that there is something outside their little universe. Because once they've become teenagers, they will become more focused on themselves, and this is a natural part of growing up. This is their opportunity to forge their own identity. But if you lay a good foundation for opening to the outside world by keeping them informed about how running a household works and how you make money and what you do with that money after it comes in, so how you pay bills, and how you budget, how you help other people or what kind of social responsibilities you take, then they will probably be more responsive to this as teenagers. And, it will also help if you can keep continuing doing some of the...some of these more responsible activities when they are a teenager. So maybe this would be a time for them to take, maybe, a part time job after school. Something minor, like cutting other people's lawns, or delivering newspapers, or working at a McDonald's part time. Just something to give them kind of a taste of life outside of school. And this will probably give them a good foundation for their own adulthood.


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