What Size Rims Do I Need?

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The size of rims that is needed for a particular car is listed on the side of that car's tires. Look at the last number on a tire for required rim sizes with help from a certified master mechanic in this free video on car advice.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, Certified Master Mechanic out of Redding, PA and today I'm going to answer a question more or less of what size rims do I need for your vehicle. The easiest way to sum it up, I mean there is a couple different places you can find this information but the easiest most logical place to look is right on the side of your tire here. You are going to find a number on every single tire that is out there that is made. It has got these, not same numbers but these numbers molded right in the side of your tire and this particular tire right here is the 235 which is the width of your tire and the 65 which is the height of your tire but your rim information is always your last two numbers. Now this one here is particular 17 and what that is a 17 inch rim. Now if you have a question of you know I need a 17 inch rim for my car and you are really not sure what you need, the information that you need outside of the year, make and model of your vehicle when you go out and purchase these rims is the wheel spacings right here. Now this is a 5 lug which you will need to know and you will need to measure from this center hole to this center hole. So we'll say without measuring this is 5 x 4/14 inches wide, right across here, it is always your furtherest point. It will all space evenly if you come across this way, this way or this way. It is always the same measurement so that little bit of information is going to help you out a lot. Another place you can look if for some dumb reason this is wore off is if you like to bounce off curbs a lot and that is not there, is right on the inside of your driver's side door, it is either going to be on the door itself or on the pillar that is coming down on the inside there and you will see a white sticker and hopefully you can read it but it will have the same information as right here, your tire size and at the end is your rim size. After that if for some reason the sticker is not there and it is rubbed off on all four of your tires, chances are it is not likely but if it is you can call your local dealership, give them your vin number, they can look it up for you and tell you exactly what size rim you need. But that is about all you need to know when you are looking up what size rim you need.


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