What Cell Phones Work the Best With Bluetooth?

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The cell phones that work best with Bluetooth are the ones with embedded Bluetooth technology, which is available in most phones that are on the market today. Find a phone that works well with Bluetooth with information from a wireless specialist in this free video on cell phones.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ben with the cell phone broker in San Jose, California. I'm going to kind of explain how a Blue Tooth technology works. Basically you need two things: you need a Blue Tooth headset and you need a Blue Tooth phone. Once you do that what you have to do is connect the two together threw a wireless pairing. So what Blue Tooth allows you to do is have a wireless headset on your head or in your car in some cases. And then you can wirelessly connect to your phone, have a conversation and end the conversation without even touching the phone. Everything's controlled right here from the headset. Basically all of the phones that are on the market today come with Blue Tooth technology. The only ones that don't are the kind of lower end phones that, that are free from the carrier or very inexpensive. So a lot of the phones that are available right now even in the past two years or so have the Blue Tooth technology built in. So there are two types of Blue Tooth technology. There are Blue Tooth 1.1 and Blue Tooth 2.1. And 1.1 is just a little bit slower than 2.1 in terms of connections speed and and your voice communication. On 2.1 you do get a little bit faster. So the majority of the phones that are coming out these days have the Blue Tooth 2.1 technology. So this is a Blue Tooth phone and this is a Blue Tooth headset. What I'm going to do right now is connect the two together. So the first thing we're going to do is you're going to hold down the power button which is also usually the the talk button which allows you to answer the phone. So you just hold that down until you see the lights flashing. So this, this right now just came on with a blue light meaning that the device is on and now it's flashing blue and red which means it's in pairing mode so I can go ahead and connect it in the phone. So what I do here is I go into menu, setting, it's either in tools or settings after that and you'll find a Blue Tooth icon, so you just hit Blue Tooth, add new device and it'll say place the device you are trying to connect to in discoverable mode. And the device is already in pairing mode, discoverable mode. And it found it, plantronics right here so you just hit pair, enter in a pass key. On all Blue Tooth headsets the pass key is four zeros so I'm going to go ahead and hit zero zero zero zero and o.k. And we're paired. Hi, I'm Ben with the cell phone broker and that's how you connect Blue Tooth headsets. So if you have any questions you can reach us at 408-526- 0555 or log onto our website at Myspace.com/cellphonebroker


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