How to Trim a Dog's Nails

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Trimming a dog's nails is easier when the nail is white because a groomer can simply look for the pink quick and cut at the end of the quick. For dogs with black nails, cut off the nail hook, look for a black circle on the nail, and trim little by little until a white dot is spotted. Remember to trim the dewclaw on dogs with tips from a professional dog groomer in this free video on trimming a dog's nails.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Sammi at the Animal Care Center in West Bountiful, Utah. I have Ruby here to help me demonstrate how to trim a dog's nails. While nails are a little bit easier to clip, you'll just look for the pink quick and you'll place your clippers at the end of that quick and then cut. Make sure that your cut is swift and commit to the spot when you do it. Black nails are a little bit more difficult to trim. You'll want to first take the hook off and you'll see a small black circle. You want to continue to trim little by little as the circle covers most of the nail bed you'll see a little white dot in the middle, that's how you'll know that's as far as you can go without cutting the quick. If you do cause any bleeding, you want to make sure to get some quick stop powder or a septic stick that will help stop the bleeding. Once you've got one nail clipped, you can use that as a base length for the rest of the nails and always remember to trim their dewclaw. If you'd like to contact us, please go online to


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