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Ants are interesting because they produce glycerol in their mouth to keep from freezing, and because they can lift up to 40 times their body weight. Learn about the ways in which ants communicate with each other with advice from a certified pest control operator in this free video on ants.

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Hi, I'm Mark Govay. I'm with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida. And you know something? Ants are one of the most interesting species of critters we have on this planet. You know, one interesting fact about ants is, a carpenter ant. The way carpenter ants actually keep themselves from freezing up north is that they actually produce glycerol in their mouth parts. And now, what that does is it keeps them warm during our very cold winters up north when they're nesting outside. So that's kind of neat. Another interesting fact is that ants can lift up to forty times their body weight. So if you've ever seen an ant carrying several other ants, and maybe a big leaf or something, or even a larger bug, that's one of the interesting facts about ants. Another thing is that, with ants, they actually communicate by using a process called trophallaxis. Now, trophallaxis is actually how they feed each other. When they feed each other, that method that they use for feeding, and the way they groom each other, is almost like you and I talking. So, trophallaxis is something that is used throughout the colony to keep the ants in tune with what the rest of the colony is doing. These different facts are just a few of the many things that ants really do in our world. One other interesting fact about ants is, if you put all of mankind on a scale on this side, and you put all the ants and termites on another side, the ants and termites weight would win against all the humans on planet Earth. So that's a real interesting fact, and something you need to think about. I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida, and I want you to have a pest free day.


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