How to Kill Fleas With Household Products

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Household products that can be used to kill fleas include using dishwasher detergent in conjunction with flea combs. Find out why a vacuum is a great tool for getting rid of fleas with help from a pest control operator in this free video on flea control and extermination.

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Hi friends, I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control and using household items to go ahead and kill fleas are what we're going to talk about today. You know a lot of people have a lot of flea problems and one of the best way to get rid of some of those flea problems is to use a flea comb inside the home and some people may not know how to do this properly because they use a flea comb but they don't know what to do with the fleas that come off on the flea comb. Well what you need to do is get yourself a little bowl and put some dishwater detergent in it, make some suds up and then as you comb the dog or the cat with the flea comb, as those fleas appear, you can brush them right off with your thumb into that sudsy material and that will keep the fleas from jumping off and moving on to a different area. Also, don't forget, the most important and best tool a homeowner can use to get rid of fleas in a home is a vacuum cleaner. By vacuuming religiously, especially those areas where the actual dog frequents such as if you have a bed and the dog jumps off onto the floor, those areas you really want to hit heavily and mopping up in and around the kitchen areas on hardwood surfaces or surfaces ceramic tile, you want to mop those areas and that will get rid of any of the eggs that the fleas have left behind as well. These are nice little tips to help you as a homeowner go ahead and take care of fleas inside your home. I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control helping you get rid of fleas.


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