How Do I Measure My Waist?

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Measure your waist for pants by determining where pants are worn and using a tape measure wrapped around the waist. Squeeze the tape measure slightly when measuring waist size, and consider other tips from the owner of a men's fashion store in this free video on men's clothing.

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Video Transcript

How to measure your waist. Now, if you go in to get a tuxedo fitted, or even to get a suit fitted, chances are, they're going to be measuring your waist. The easiest way to do it, is to actually take a tape measure, and wrap it around your waist, and measure, and I'll show you how to do that as well. Measuring the waist of a pant. What you want to do, is you want to find out where they wear their pants, so he wears them across his hips, so it will probably be a little bit bigger, than his natural waist. Wrap the tape measure around, and you want to squeeze ever so slightly, and as you can see, he measures a 31. Now, a 31 inch waist is pretty small, and it's an odd size, so you may have to either let out a size 30, or take in a size 32 waist, to accommodate for 31. Tailoring, is pretty much when you alter a garment. It can be anything from a jacket to a suit, to pants, to even shirts. When you tailor a garment, what you want to do, is fit the biggest part of your body, so if it's a jacket, you generally want to make sure that the shoulders and chest fit, and stuff like the sleeves and the waist, can be taken in. Pants, you want to make sure that if your thighs are the biggest part, you fit your thighs, and work around your waist. You can have the waist taken in, and to measure your correct waist size. Tailoring can be done by any professional, seamstress or tailor, and it makes a huge, huge difference, on the way your clothes look and feel.


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