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Copying a C-drive to backup files and work requires the use of a large enough media, such as an external hard drive, that can be plugged into the computer through a USB port. Copy a C-drive as a back up copy with IT help from a software developer in this free video on computers.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today, I'm going to show you how to copy a C drive. Now, the reasons that you want to do this, is to get that workable backup of your computer, and what you're going to want to make sure that you have, is a second media that's large enough to hold the majority of the files, on your C drive, either compressed or uncompressed, and what I have here, is a 500 gigabyte external hard drive, and it basically can connect by USB, to a computer, and I'm just going to take this, and I'm going to plug it in to the computer, using the USB connection. Let's plug it in right there. Now, where I want to plug it in, it's going to first install drivers, that will allow me to control this new hard drive, that's been connected. You may already have an internal hard drive connector, that you're going to copy your files to, so basically all you're going to have to do, you're just going to open up your computer browser, by clicking on Computer, and we want to take our C drive basically, and copy it over to our D drive, so I'm going to right click on here. I'm going to basically choose Copy. Now, this tells the computer, that I want to copy my C drive, and I want to paste it somewhere else, so I'm going to open up my destination drive here, and I'm basically going to right click, and choose Paste. That's going to begin the process of copying over the files from my C drive, to the other drive that I have set up and ready to go, to handle those files. Now, you're going to get a lot of files when you do this, including your Windows Setup files, and your personal documents. My name is Dave Andrews, and I've just told you how to copy a C drive.


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