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Use laptop computers can be bought online through such Web sites as eBay or Craigslist, but they can also be purchased as a manufacturer refurbished computer. Find the Dell Outlet Web site, and other companies who sell refurbished laptops, with IT help from a software developer in this free video on computers.

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Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today, I'm going to tell you a little bit about buying used laptops. Let's go to our computer,and I'm going to show you a couple of things to search for. If you're on the internet and you're looking for a used laptop, you can obviously get one off of EBay, or other sites like that. I suggest if you want to buy locally, that you pull up your web browser, and you open up craigslist. org. Now, craigslist is a giant website. It defaulted mine to Nashville, but you're going to want to find the city that's near you. If you scroll over all the way here to the end, there's US cities, and you can find the large city that's in your area. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom, it's going to have more cities that you can click on, if you don't see yours listed. Craigslist is basically nationwide. Basically, to search for a laptop in your area, just come down here to the search craigslist, and we're going to say used laptop. Now, you've got to remember, people, regular people, post to craigslist, so you're going to be buying from somebody who is just a normal person, not necessarily a business, and they just want to get rid of their old laptop, because they may have replaced it, and that's why I kind of like craigslist, because you're dealing with actual people, not a business that's just out to get your money, for a dead laptop, and you can talk to them, and really go over it with them. Now, just scroll down here and read the postings, and you may find one in your area. I'd also suggest you go to Google, and search for the Dell Outlet. Now, the Dell Outlet is where Dell sells refurbished laptops, direct from the manufacturer, so I'll just click here on Dell Outlet, and this pulls up the Dell Outlet website. Now, everything that they're selling here, is actually factory refurbished, and they're probably in great condition. They've been recertified and all that, and you can just click on Notebooks, and you can get on there, and find you a good quality Dell refurbished laptop. My name is Dave Andrews, and I've just told you a little bit about buying used laptops.


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