How Long Can You Leave a Laptop On?

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A laptop can be left on 24 hours a day, so long as it is plugged in to a wall source, has adequate cooling and has the sleep mode activated to save screen power. Leave on a laptop as long as is necessary with IT help from a software developer in this free video on computers.

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Hi. My name's Dave Andrews. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how long you can leave a laptop computer on. Now the short answer to this question is you can basically leave a laptop on 24 hours a day, as long as you have adequate cooling to the laptop and you have it plugged in to where it will be running off of wall power, as opposed to battery power. But if you're going to leave your laptop on constantly, there are a couple things you need to consider. Let's go to our screen, and I'll show you a few of those. The number one thing that you're going to want to check is the screen, if the screen is going to be on constantly. Now you can leave your laptop on and running constantly, but you don't want to leave your screen up constantly. Like what I'm showing right here, where I only have three icons on my desktop. If I let that stay with just this screen without ever changing anything for hours and hours and days and days, after a good amount of time, you're going to experience what's called burn in. And that basically means that your laptop screen, after displaying this little icon here so many times, will have a little ghost image of that laptop that won't go away. So to avoid that, we want to make it turn off our screen. And we're just going to search here for the control panel. Let's click on "Control Panel". Make sure you're in the classic view on your control panel. Now let's go down to the power options. There we go. Power options. Now, the options on the side here. One of those is choose when to turn off the display. Let's click on that. And when we're plugged in, mine is set to turn off my display after 15 minutes. And it'll even put the computer to sleep after 25 minutes. Now, putting the computer to sleep is the next thing that you'll want to check on. That'll basically make your computer save all of its settings, and it'll stop using power, which is good for power consumption reasons. And then when you move the mouse, it'll wake itself back up, and you can use it just as if it had been on. My name's Dave Andrews, and I've just told you a little bit about leaving your computer on all the time.


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