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The best way to sell your laptop computer locally is by posting a classified ad on describing the computer and the price. Put your phone number in a Craigslist ad to get better results with insight from a software developer in this free video on selling computers.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to sell your laptop locally. Now a great website that exists on the Internet for selling things locally is called craigslist. Let's go to our computer and I'm going to pull it up. And the site that we want to go to is It's just like it sounds, the name Craig, C R A I G S, craigslist, C R A I G S L I S T .com actually .org. Now this opens up the craigslist which has servers in many cities around the country and if you don't see your city here, as you can see it's this column right here this US cities, they also have states, you can break it down by state. I'm in Nashville so I want to go to more under US cities and then I'll find Nashville. So I'll click on Nashville and as you can see that took me to So to sell my laptop all I got to do is click on this post to classifieds. It's going to ask you what I want to post and I'm going under the for sale list. What exactly am I selling? I'm selling computers and technology. And so basically I can just fill in this form right here. I'm going to say HP laptop, I want to sell it for 400 dollars and I'm in Franklin, Tennessee, which is just south of Nashville. So give something that is enticing for your laptop, great condition, lightly used. Now a good tip for craigslist if you really want to make a sale locally is to put your telephone number. Craigslist is going to give you the option of hiding your e-mail address behind this sale dash xxxx at that way people can't mine your e-mail address but if you really want to sell something, I've found that giving out your telephone number is a good way to do so and you can just not answer it if somebody is harassing you by knowing your telephone number. Another tip is to only do business in person. Talk to the person on the phone, go meet them somewhere, don't do it by e-mail because there's a lot of scammers out there who will ask you to go ahead and send the money or go ahead and send the object and just don't fall for that trick. So when you're done, just scroll down to the bottom and click continue and it will post your laptop for sale. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to sell your laptop locally.


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