How to Make Slideshows With Music

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To make slideshows with music on a computer, open Windows Movie Maker, import pictures and audio, drag and drop pictures into a slideshow, and drag imported music into the slideshow. Preview a slideshow that includes pictures and music with instructions from a software developer in this free video on computer programs.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Dave Andrews and today I am going to show you how to make slide shows with music. Let's go to our computer. We are going to use the Windows Movie Maker to do this. Click on your Start button and on the little search here let's just type Windows Movie Maker. We have found the program Windows Movie Maker and just click on it. I have already got some pictures and audio imported but the very first thing you have to do is import pictures and audio that you would like to use. So under your task list on import let's click on pictures. I have several pictures here from Hawaii and I'm going to grab #13, #11 and #10 so basically I am just holding down my control button and clicking on the ones that I want to highlight and you can also do just one at a time but here I am pulling in multiple ones. So I am going to import those pictures, there is #13, there's #11 and there's #10. To add them to my slide show I have done here a little story board and I can grab a picture like #10, click and hold my mouse on it and I can just drag it down here and drop it where I would like for it to appear. I can also change the length of time that that picture will be displayed by dragging my mouse and making that picture longer as far as seconds go. If I want it to be about four seconds long then I will drag it out until the duration says four seconds. So there you go. It just lit up there. To drag another picture down just find your list here and click it and hold your mouse on it and drag it down next to it so once this picture disappears this other picture will appear. I am going to put one more in and then I will show you how to add some music. I have three pictures here. I am going to add some music so let's click on import, audio or music and I am going to just grab the symphony here that we will click on and now I have the symphony #3 in E flat that I can just drag down into my story board just like I did with my pictures. I am going to put them at the very front of my storyboard. So now my symphony will play while my pictures are displaying and to see sort of like a preview of it, click play over here and I am actually going to right click it and make it full screen as well. You can probably hear my symphony playing and there is my picture slide show playing as well. My name is Dave Andrews and I have just showed you how to make a slide show with music.


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