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The main concerns when looking at different types of computer processors are the speed of the processor and the size of the processor. Choose between a dual-core, quad-core, 32-bit or 64-bit processor with help from a software developer in this free video on computer processors.

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Hi my name is Dave Andrews and today I am going to talk to you a little bit about different types of processors. Now if you were to go to the store and look to by a PC you are going to see that there are some that have Intel Processors, some that have AMD Processors and amongst those two there are a lot of differences. What you want to be concerned most about when you are working on purchasing a processor is going to be the speed which is called the clock speed and that will usually right now be between 2.0 and 3.0 gigahertz maybe a little bit higher on some of your newer end processors. Now that that number tells you maybe 3.0 GHZ, it tells you how fast that processor struggles through instruction, how fast it works every single boy coming. So higher that number the better because that means your process will be faster. Now between the two you also have on Intel you have dual core processors and that basically two processors in one Now what that will allow it to do is to execute basically two separate programs at a time. Those are typically a little more expensive, they even go up to quad core processors now on some best ops which means they can execute four different instructions at a time which basically will speed the overall use of the computer. Now also you are going to see 32 bit and 64 bit processes. Now the difference between these two is the size of the numbers that they are able to work on and that might not sound like a big deal but it actually is. The operating system that you guy has to be 64 bit compatible. If you purchase a 64 bit processor and also some programs that you purchase that were written for 32 bit or written for 64 bit might not work on the other one. You have to really consider switching over to 64 bit before you do it. It's that easy to tell which kind of processors they have.


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