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To set up a PC, whether it is a laptop computer or a desktop, requires hooking up the appropriate cords to the right ports on the computer. Hook up the monitor, mouse and speakers to a personal computer with instructions from a software developer in this free video on computers.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to setup a PC. I'm going to start by showing you how to hook up a laptop which is very simple and then I'll show you how to hook up a desktop which is a little more complicated, but there's not a whole lot to that either. Now laptop only has a few connections that are required. Obviously if you're setting one up on a desk, you're going have a power cable which you have to plug in. In this case my power cable just plugs into the side, right here and I get a little blue light indicator there showing that it's being connected. As you can look on the side of my laptop here, I have a lot more connections. I have a VGA port right here which is where I would plug a monitor into, if I have a monitor to connect my laptop to. I have a modem and I have an Ethernet connector which will allow me to connect me to a home network. There's also additional USB ports and a little slot for an SD card from a, you know, a hand held camera or something like that. Now if I have to set a speakers on this particular laptop, they will plug into the front here where I have a headphone jack, a line in jack and microphone jack. So my speakers will plug in to those plugs that are on the front. Now connecting a desktop computer is, you know, quite a few more hookups. I'm going to pull up a diagram here for you. This is kind of picture of what the back of your computer might look like. Now this is a very complicated setup right here. Yours probably won't have as many connections as this one does. At the very top, there are PS 2 ports for mouse and keyboard. Now if you have a newer PC it might not even have these ports. But if you do, they are color coded. The green port is for your mouse and the purple port is for your keyboard. On newer computers we use USB for that. Now, let's scroll down a little bit here. Here are two Ethernet ports. Your computer might only have one. But it looks like a telephone jack; it's just a little bit larger and it's those two that will connect your computer to your local home network. This also has USB ports that I would use to plug my mouse into and down here at the very bottom are these three right here are microphone jack which is red, a headphone jack which is green or speaker jack and a blue jack which is line in for sound equipment. I've also got a couple of pictures here which are modern cables might look like. This is a DVI connector which is usually white and will basically connect your monitor. There's also a VGA cable here which is usually blue. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just told you how to setup a computer.


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