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To boost the metabolism, increase the intake of B vitamins, magnesium and zinc, as all of these help to maintain proper levels of metabolic function. Maintain a healthy weight and metabolism with health advice from a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist in this free video on nutrition.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Rachael Richardson with Nutrolution in Miami Beach, Florida. In this clip we're talking about how you can boost your metabolism. So I'd first like to start by explaining what metabolism is. We all think about it as, just how we metabolize our fat, in our body. And how we process fat, whether we gain weight, whether we lose weight, but metabolism is really the process by which we take certain nutrients, and foods, coming from our food that we eat, and we turn it into all the different things that our bodies need. So we metabolize everything that we can consume. And so the metabolism kind of works like a gear system, kind of like a little mini factory. And we basically take different nutrients that we consume, and then we use other nutrients to turn them into different things. And it goes along this system, and then out comes our result. So when we talk about boosting our metabolism, a few things that are very, very important, are our vitamins, and minerals. Because these are the cofactors that actually help change the different compounds to other compounds. So B vitamins are very, very important in metabolism, because they're involved in all different types of metabolism. Magnesium is another one, that without enough magnesium, our metabolism will slow down, or shut down, as well as Zinc, is another one. These are all involved in carbohydrate metabolism, and getting adequate levels will help you function at your best, and maintain a healthy weight. This has been Rachael with Nutrolution.


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