What Is the Fastest Growing Plant?

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The fasted growing plant on land is bamboo, with some species growing a foot in a single day. Learn about Pacific kelp, which is the fasted growing sea plant, with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on plants.

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Hi this Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk about what is the fastest growing plant. Well the fastest growing plant by all records is a type of bamboo. And that's not a big surprise. Now this is a running bamboo, and this is a clumping bamboo, and neither one of these are the official fastest growing plant because the giant timber bamboo in China, called the Bamboosa Oldhami, and can grow feet in one day, and up to sixty feet in two months. So bamboos grow really quickly, even in the smaller varieties can take over and become very invasive. So worldwide, especially in warmer climates they grow real quickly. Here in the Northwest, they don't grow nearly as quickly because it's much colder. So, I've never gotten them to grow more than an inch a day in the middle of the summer. There are people that argue that there's actually another plant that grows quicker than the bamboo, and that is the Pacific Kelp. The Pacific Giant Kelp, also known as Macrocystis Pyrifera can grow up to 18 inches in a day they say. And it can take over ocean areas. But it's still a kelp which I guess officially makes it a plant, but it's a sea plant. So, on land the fastest plant is the bamboo, while at sea, the fastest plant is the kelp.


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