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Different types of flowers that do well in the garden include lilies, carnations, Peruvian lily, alstromeria, orchids, chrysanthemums and red roses. Grow flowers that thrive in a particular climate with plant information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on flowers.

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this video we're going to talk all about different types of flowers. So in your garden, you can grow so many different flowers. Every type of plant that has a flower can be grown whether it's in the sun or in the shade. But there's many different types of flowers that we use in flower arrangements that you can grow in your garden as well. So just by getting used to the different varieties and what they're uses are, you can make your decisions as to what to grow yourself. So I have many cut flowers here, we'll go through a few and you can see which ones you like. So these cut flowers are beautiful. Lilies are one of my favorites in the garden they bloom every summer. But carnations you can grow as well very easily. They just need a sunny spot. Alstromeria or Peruvian lily, alstromeria, is a beautiful flower from Peru that does really well in the garden as well, it needs a full sunny spot. But don't forget chrysanthemums because chrysanthemums grow really well in the garden, they need full sun and they don't bloom till the fall so they give you lots of fall color that's really, really beautiful. Orchids are great flowers too and if you live in a warm climate you can grow them right outside. If you live in a cold climate, you can leave them outside for the summer but they have to be inside for the winter but they're great flowers and they're beautiful to use in flower arrangements. So cala lilies or zantedeschias are very, very beautiful and they make really long lasting flowers and they have a long history to and I really like them in the garden and as a cut flower. But for love and for one of the most romantic flowers you can grow are red roses. They just need a full sunny spot and lots of room to grow and they're great cut flowers. But unusual flowers are great too, this is a little ornithogalum and it's a beautiful little plant that's really easy to grow too. I love agapanthus or lily of the Nile and they grow in full hot sunny spot and they're just a really pretty plant. So gladiolus too are one of the best cut flowers you can grow and they just start from bulbs and you start them in the summertime or start them late spring and then they'll bloom by late summer and they're really easy to grow. Kniphofia or red hot pokers make a nice bushy kind of grassy plant but they put off these beautiful orange flowers that make great cut flowers. And there's many uses for flowers too, just a few alstromeria in a vase with a little bit of eucalyptus adds so much to your table too or dinner table, you want short bouquets. And they're really easy to grow. But when I'm growing my cut flowers, I like to envision my favorites and put them in the garden and whether they're annuals and you have to replace them every year or they're perennials and they come back year after year, cut flowers are so rewarding in the garden and in the house.


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