What Careers Are There in the Field of Psychology?

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Careers in the field of psychology can include mental health technicians, private practice therapy, clinical social work, rehabilitation and life coaching. Get a doctorate in psychology to work in a clinical setting and make more money with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on psychology.

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Hi, my name's John Bosworth. I'm a licensed mental health counselor, in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I'd like to talk to you a little bit about what careers there are in the field of psychology. Many of the the fields that that are related to psychology have to do with graduate level education, but without getting into details about graduate school and what types of programs there are the things you can do in psychology vary greatly from mental health tech, basically supporting a treatment team in a residential or a inpatient treatment facility all the way to having the nice, cushy private practice, you know, where people are coming in and paying a a, you know, a certain fee for your services, usually on an hourly basis, and any any anything in between there is pretty much fair game for a, you know, for a career in psychology. It can include clinical social work, rehabilitation, mental health counseling, life coaching, but many of the careers in psychology, most people think of clinical psychology when they think of a career in psychology, and that is one avenue to go down. Most of the clinical psychologists that have been trained at the doctoral level tend to make a little bit more money in their practice. Not always, but for the most part. But, careers in psychology can be very rewarding in the fact that you are helping people. Hopefully, you're interested in some type of theory that that you think will help people, and you apply that every day of your life to helping people deal more effectively with problems that they may encounter. And some of those problems, again, span the the the spectrum of of community mental health to dealing with, you know, adolescents in a private school setting. These are some of the areas, and some of the careers that are available and that are out there in the field of psychology. My name's John Bosworth, and I'm a licensed mental health counselor in Saint Pete, Florida


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