How Does a Scale Ruler Work?

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In order to understand how a scale rules works, the user must determine what their scale drawing dimensions are going to be. Discover how to use a 16th-inch scale ruler with help from a math teacher in this free video on basic math lessons.

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Video Transcript

So how does a scale ruler work? Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang. I've been teaching college mathematics for nine years, and in order to see how a scale ruler works you really need to determine a couple of things. Number one, what your scale drawing dimensions are going to be. And then make sure you have the appropriate ruler to draw it on. Now for example, if you have a sixteenth inch scale, then that means what you're drawing is going to be one sixteenth of that of the actual model. So in that case you need a sixteenth inch ruler. So for example, you might have your drawing being one sixteenth of a inch equals one foot. Once you've established your scale it's time to start measuring until you get to the correct drawing. So what you want to do is start from the beginning, and then measure as far as you can. So let's just say you start from here, and you measure all the way to two inches, well two inches is thirty-two sixteenths. Well, to figure out how many actual feet that is, if one sixteenth of an inch is equal to one foot, and you have thirty-two sixteenths inches, then all you need to do is multiply both sides by thirty-two. So that means that your actual model, if it is indeed going to be thirty-two sixteenths inches. Is going to be thirty-two feet. So repeat until you've gotten your drawing that you're looking for, and that's how you use a scale ruler. My name is Jimmy Chang.


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