How to Solve Geometry Proofs

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Before solving geometry proofs, it can be helpful to go over theorems and postulates as much as possible. Find out how to learn the properties of lines, angles and triangles with help from a math teacher in this free video on basic math lessons.

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Video Transcript

So how do you solve geometry proofs. Eww! Hi. I'm Jimmy Chang, I've been teaching college mathematics for nine years. And yes, even though geometry proofs may not be the most pleasant things in the world, there are some strategies to help you solve them a little bit better. And so they don't seem as intimidating. Now the first thing that you want to definitely think about is, go over those theorems and postulates as much as you can. There are a fair number of theorems and also a lot of postulates. The more you can go over them, the better and quicker they will come to you to help you solve proofs. If you're ever stuck when writing a proof, then chances are likely that you may have missed a postulate or a theorem here and there. And the missing one might be the one to unlock you finishing the proof. Know the properties of your lines, angles and triangles very very well. A lot of those postulates and theorems use the properties of those lines, angles and triangles. Side, side, side, angle, side, angle, vertical angles are congruent. Those are just a few examples as to those properties that you definitely will need to have and handy when it comes to these proofs. Last but not least when it comes to solving geometry proofs, make sure that your proofs are logical in progression. It is very easy to go from the given to the end of the proof too quickly because you may not cover every part that's needed. If you want to prove two triangles are congruent for example, you can't just stop with just one side or one angle. You have to be sure that all the parts are congruent. So these are just some proofs, strategies to solve those geometry proofs. And my name is Jimmy Chang.


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