Why Do We Study Math?

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Math is studied to help people with critical thinking, with organizing finances and with understanding how things change. Discover how math is used by physicists and architects with help from a math teacher in this free video series on math help and lessons.

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Video Transcript

So why do we study math? Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, I've been teaching college mathematics for 9 years and that is one of the most common questions you often hear in math courses. Why do we study in the first place? Well here are some reasons as to why we do study the subject, it's not just because to take another course because you have to. Now one common reason you might have seen is that of critical thinking. Now critical thinking sounds like, is one of those complex phrases but what it really does and especially in mathematics is that it really forces you to think about things of all sorts of angles. Just about every job that you go out and apply for and do requires you to think outside the box in addition to inside the box. They really want you to tackle problems from all sorts of angles and that's what math helps you do. The critical thinking skills really lets you approach things from various scenarios. And just about any job you do, critical thinking is pretty much a requirement. As you might imagine, math is involved in a lot of financial aspects whether it be balancing your checkbook to tracking the performance of your stock portfolios, basically without math there would be no way to really balance money. Without math you really wouldn't be able to figure out how things work and change. With math you have to plug in numbers to see exactly how one changes when something else changes. The branch of calculus is literally the mathematics of change. You really get to figure out how things work or not work when you plug in certain conditions. And last but not least, math is a huge requirement in the sciences as well as some of the non-sciences as well. In engineering, math is a requirement because you have to see how things work. Same thing with physics, without numbers or mathematics you wouldn't be able to explain how the laws of physics work. Architects, architects build, they draft things, but they wouldn't be able to do their jobs without being able to figure out and measuring angles or perspectives. So these are some examples as to why we study math. My name is Jimmy Chang.


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