How Can I Improve My Study Habits?

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To improve study habits, take detailed notes during class, organize and transcribe the notes into a separate notebook and do a manageable amount of homework and studying every day. Become a better student with advice from a former classroom instructor in this free video on education.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Laura from And I'm going to talk about how can I improve my study habits? And I have some basic ideas that can help anyone become a better student. Or use their time more efficiently. One of the really helpful things to do. To improve your study habits or to make better use of your studying time. Is to make notes while, during class. Where you make sense of, sort of, re-explain the ideas being discussed. So if you're listening to a lecture. You make a note to yourself. Sort of, as if you're trying to describe the lecture to someone else. And this will help you call to mind. What it meant to you, at the time. And then also help bring out important points that the speaker might have made. Now what you can do after the classes are over with. Is take these notes and recopy them into a another note book. And just the act of taking your notes and transcribing them. Will help to reinforce what you've learned. You'll call it back up into your memory. And as you're re-writing these notes. You'll also be reminding yourself of what you've learned. Reinforcing it. So transcribing notes into a different note book is a really good way to reinforce the learning. If you're taking lecture courses where you're taking notes on a regular basis. Another good study habit to get into is to always do assignments. When they're assigned. Don't put them off. And do a whole bunch of work. So try and keep up with your work load. Do, do a manageable amount each day. Rather than taking a few days off. And then having to cram a whole bunch into one study session. Another good way, good tactic is to take small breaks. So that you can pace yourself and keep going. Rather than having it go straight through. Work on homework or studying for several hours. Without any kind of break. Another good tactic is to use audio recorder, almost like a flash card. Where you quiz yourself with a small hand held audio recorder. And overall, getting good sleep and eating well. That's a very good way to improve your study habits. Because you'll be more attentive and more able to make the best use of your time. So those are some ideas about how you can improve your study habits.


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