How to Improve a Vocabulary Score on the SAT

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Improving a vocabulary score on the SAT can be done by taking practice SAT tests to become more familiar with the format, studying root words, prefixes and suffixes to help narrow down the meaning of a word, and creating flash cards of common SAT words. Study for the vocabulary section on the SAT with advice from a former classroom instructor in this free video on education.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Laura from And I'm going to talk about how to improve your vocabulary score for the SAT. There's a lot of tricks that you can do to help you prepare for this. One of the things I recommend in general is just taking some practice SAT tests. Because becoming comfortable with that format will really help you overall to improve your score. And if you take a practice vocabulary test. It will also help you see maybe how much time you need to focus on the vocabulary. As opposed to other parts of the SAT. So definitely find some books. You can get them from the library or book store. Even on-line. Some practice tests, where you can get comfortable with the format. Then I also recommend studying root words and prefixes and suffixes. And these are often, you can find lists of Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes and roots. And this will help you to start to recognize words. And connect them with their meanings. And then it can help you to make an educated guess. As you're taking the test. If you see a word that you aren't familiar with. But you recognize the prefix or you recognize the root. It might help you eliminate some of the answer choices. And make a better guess. Another good strategy is to make little flash cards. Just like, when you were learning multiplication. And write the new word on one side. And the meaning of it on the back. And just when you have, you know, pull them out. when you have a few minutes. And just drill yourself on. what the new, some vocabulary words and their definitions. Another good trick is to do some crossword puzzles. A very easy way to think about words and their meanings. Reading and reading with a dictionary at your side is another good way. Because if you encounter words that you're unfamiliar with. You can look them up immediately. And then write them. Write out the definitions and add that to your flash cards. So that you have some more words, you're building up a whole arsenal of words. And again, take another practice test. After you've been working for a while to gage how much progress you've made in vocabulary. And continue with all these tactics. The flash cards and the crossword puzzles and other things that you've been doing. Until the time for you to take the SAT. Those are some ideas about how to improve your vocabulary score for the SAT.


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