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Preschool teaching tools include toys and play things that help young minds develop cognitive and tactile skills, and they can take the form of shapes, magnets, balls and everyday items. Gather tools to help teach preschool-aged children with advice from a former classroom instructor in this free video on teaching.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Laura from And I'm going to talk about preschool teaching tools. So almost anything can be a preschool teaching tool. Some of the more obvious ones are things that help kids learn a concept, like a shape. And these are actually Montessori teaching tools, and obviously a triangle and a circle. But they're colorful and they have shapes or handles that are really easy for kids with developing motor skills. They also are durable and can take a lot of use. So that's something to look for in your preschool teaching tools. Some other things that you want to include in your preschool classroom are things like actually science tools, like a magnet, but one that's colorful, easy for little hands to use. And they can do a lot of different projects with something like a magnet. They can pick things up. They can figure out what it's attracted to, what it's not attracted to. So it helps them understand the world around them and also gives them something fun to explore. Something that's very tactile is good to have in the preschool classroom. This can be used for discussions. For example, if you have a circle and you want to use something to throw to the person whose turn it is to speak, this is a very soft ball and also feels really interesting. So the kids will be attracted to this kind of material. Another activity that you can really easily put together with just everyday items is something where they'll use either a spoon or pinchers or something to move objects, like balls, into and out of a cup. They might pick up the balls with a spoon and then place them into another container. But something also colorful and very easy for you to put together with just some simple items that you find at home. The last thing is something like this, like a pair of binoculars that they might be able to use to do observation, maybe on the playground or in the schoolyard. Very simple little tool, but it can give them a chance to do lots of exploration. So those are some ideas about preschool teaching tools.


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