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When grading papers, develop a rubric that each assignment is compared to, and look for specific criteria that meets the standard for different grades. Keep a consistent system when grading papers with advice from a former classroom instructor in this free video on teaching.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Laura, from, and I'm going to talk about how to grade papers. Grading papers; the the answer to that question really is specific to what type of assignment or paper you're grading, but in general, having a rubric in mind or having a scale that you're matching things to is really helpful. And a rubric is just a list of criteria starting with a, you know, what an excellent paper looks like, what a good paper looks like, what an average paper looks like, and this is especially helpful in grading writing assignments. So, what I have done in the past is help have the class help to develop a rubric. So, if your assignment is my perfect day, and the kids have all written to that topic you might have them come up with a list of what an excellent paper about my perfect day would look like. What would be included in a paper on that that would make it a really outstanding paper. This might be five bullet points, and there might be four bullet points for a good paper, and three for an average paper. And then, as you're grading you have something really specific to look for, so that something that meets all five of those bullet points might receive an A, while the one that meets four out of the five is a B. And that helps you to first of all, be fair with the students; it gives you something really measurable to look for, and also helps them to understand what they're doing when, or what they're try trying to achieve as they're writing. So, I really recommend coming up with a rubric for writing assignments, and for other assignments that are more cut and dry grading papers is a little bit easier, because you just have to, you know, mark off places that are incorrect and come up with a total correct out of the total number. But, those are some ideas about how to grade papers.


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