What Are the Positive Effects of Running?

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The positive effects of running include improved cardio respiratory function, efficiently losing weight and burning calories. Improve the body through running, both physically and emotionally, with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise.

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Video Transcript

So positive effects of running. As far as running, running is great for cardio respiratory benefit such as you can increase your lung capacity meaning you will be able to breathe and take in deeper breaths. You will be able to breathe a little bit more efficiently so what that means is it will take you a little bit longer to get tired because you put that stress on your body and now your body is getting used to it so it is able to recover quickly from it. If you have like a performance goal like such as running a marathon or you are a sprinter or anything like that you know, running is obviously going to help you knock down some times that you have if it is some kind of track and field event or anything like that. If you want to burn fat or lose weight and stuff like that running is a great option and that is another positive benefit of running, if you are running correctly and you know making sure that you have the proper shoes and using the proper equipment or ground or wherever you are running the proper surface or wherever you are running to. As far as running also it makes you feel good too as well because now you are working, you are doing something, you are burning calories, you are using energy and all those different kinds of things help you emotionally, help you physically and running itself is a huge and tremendous part of losing weight and working out.


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