How to Work Gluteus Medius Muscles

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To work the gluteus medius muscles, perform a squatting exercise, keeping the all of the body's weight on the heels and squeezing the gluteus muscles on the way back up. Work the glueteus medius and gluteus maximus muscles with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise.

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Video Transcript

Okay, so your gluteus medius. All right. As far as how to work your gluteus medius, your gluteus medius is a muscle. Actually work with the gluteus maximus, which makes up your butt, your rear end. So, using that in how to do exercises to use your butt, you want to make sure that when we're doing any kind of squatting motion, all right, whether it be a squat, a lunge, a jump, a step up or anything like that, that we're keeping out feet relaxed, okay? We're starting at least shoulder width apart, okay? And then when we're squatting down and when we're doing that bending motion or whatever, we're keeping the weight on our heels. And as we press up, we want to keep the weight on our heels, squeeze our butt, but don't lock our knees. And that'll help us utilize our gluteus medius. So any motion that you have to extend from your hip, okay, is going to make you use your gluteus medius. So, you have different exercises, such as squats, that you can perform here. All right? Back straight, chest up, we're going to squat down, and we're going to push up through those heels. Okay? And squeeze your butt, don't lock your knees. Squat down, push up through your heels. Okay. We have lunges that we can do, stationary lunges, where we start here like so. Keep our back straight, chest up. We take a normal step out, bend down your back leg. Okay, you want to keep the pressure on the front heel, okay, then you want to push up, squeezing the butt of the front foot, okay, and then bringing it back. Okay. We also have other things, such as, different kind of, like, jumps that we can do. Okay, when we're jumping we want to stay low, and we're going to explode up, okay, straight up. That's going to help work our butt. So, we can also do a one-legged squat, even though the form might not be as perfect, or like, we having want to go down to, maybe, where that form compromises, and then right back up. We can do one-legged leg presses, where we use different machines. One-legged squats. Step ups and all those different things. So, by doing things with one leg, okay, also making sure when you're doing things with two legs that you're pushing through your heels, okay. Squeezing your butt will help you activate and maximize your gluteus medius usage.


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