How Many Calories Do You Burn When I Run?

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The number of calories burned while running depends on the environmental conditions, the physical fitness of the runner and the distance and speed of the run. Calculate the number of calories burned during a run with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise.

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Video Transcript

So, as far as how many calories you're going to burn when you're running, it's all going to be, you know, depending on whether you're running outside. If you're running in the heat, running in the cold. Running on the treadmill, running in the gym. It's all those different things, and those different factors are going to dictate how many calories you burn. Another thing, too, as well, is if you're more conditioned, you're going to burn less calories than people that are deconditioned. So, if you're somebody that's in shape, it might take you a little bit more work, more effort to burn the same amount of calories as it does as somebody that's not in shape. One of the reasons that it's going to take somebody that's in shape more effort to burn more calories is because, for the most part, our bodies are sophisticated machines. And so what we want and what our bodies want to do is, our bodies want to do whatever tasks we have, or whatever duties, jobs, or whatever we have with the least amount of stress as possible. So we put that stress on our body, so that we're able to handle the stress when it's put on our body. So, what I mean by that is, in shape and how that correlates to people being in shape and not in shape is, if you put that stress on your body, meaning you're in shape and you run, which is the stress, your body's used to it. So now that you do it, it's not going to be as hard to do it, because you've already done it. Now if you haven't put that stress on your body, and you start to do it, your body's going 'Oh, man. All these different things are happening. I need to start burning calories. I need to use these muscles', and all these different things, all these different changes, which are going to help burn calories overall. But then the more in shape you have, the more in condition that you get, the less that those changes will...the less changes will make, and the less stresses it'll put on your body. So that's when people hit plateaus, and they want to change up workouts, or, you know, change up your running or stuff like that. Okay? So, as far as the total amount of calories, you can range anywhere, it's all going to depend on your time, too, as well. If you go from, I'd say about twenty minutes, you can range anywhere from about a hundred to three hundred calories. Okay? The higher you go, the more intense you go, the longer you go the more calories you're going to be able to burn. So you're going to have those different kind of factors that are going to dictate how many calories you burn when you're running. So, if you for a long time at a high intensity, you're going to burn more calories than if your ran for a long time at a lower intensity. Or if you ran for a short time at a shorter intensity.


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