How to Prepare for a 10K Race

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When preparing for a 10K race, begin training four to six months out from the race, work out four days of the week, rest for three days of the week and work progressively harder to reach the goal. Prepare the body for a 10K race with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise.

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So, preparing for a 10k race. Just like with anything else, or anything, any kind of other competitive, you know, feat that you're going to do you're going to want to train for it, OK? So, as far as training for it I would say probably about, you know, now if you're somewhat in shape and things like that you can probably start maybe about two months, you know, two months out of the race. If you're not in shape I would suggest maybe like four to six months; start somewhere there, so then that way you can have a successful race, right. Now, basically a successful race is all going to dictate, you know, whether you ran it before, whether have you done this kind of running before, because for some people a successful race is just running the whole thing. For some people it's just finishing it. For some people they have a performance where they want to finish it in a certain amount of time. So, your success is all going to be based on what you want to kind of get out of it, ok, as far as preparing for the 10k race. So, through the course of your training program itself you're going to want to strategically; probably, I would say in the seven day week you're probably going to want to work out four days, take three days rest, okay. In in some kind of manner of a days rest, two days on, one day's rest, two days on, and one day's rest. Kind of like that kind of motion. And so, progressively, every week you want to add a little bit more so that by the time you get to that eighth week or so you would have already ran a 10k once, probably in the sixth or seventh week just to make sure that you can do it. So then, when you get into the eighth week when it's time to run it you're ready to go. Now, as far as, you know, race day tips and things like that, you want to make sure you're properly hydrated, because what happens a lot of the times is you're doing all this running, burnin' all this calories, losin' all these this water and things like that, so if you're not dehydrated you can get muscle cramps, your muscles can fail, and all kinds of things like that, okay? You want to make sure that you know your course because, you know, you can then take into account for when you have different kind of terrains, such as goin' uphill, on grass, on the ground, going downhill, and stuff like that, so that you're a little more comfortable with it, okay? And you also want to make sure that, you know, that you prepare for it mentally, because a lot of the times it's a mental thing, it's a mental battle as well as a physical battle, okay? So, when you get ready; when you get to that point of getting ready to run the 10k race you'll be mentally ready, physically ready, which is going to make you have a successful race.


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