How to Get My Guy Friend to Notice Me

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If someone wants to get a guy friend to notice them, they should take comfort in the fact that having him in their life is half the battle. Find out how to drop subtle hints of interest to a guy friend with help from a psychologist in this free video on dating advice.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Reka Morvay. I'm a psychologist and I'm going to talk to you today about how to get your guy friend to notice you. Now you might not think so but the fact that this person is your friend already, is half the battle won, because this means that you already have access to this person, so to speak, so you're not a complete stranger, so you can go and spend out, spend some time and hang out casually with this person without seeming too strange or too weird, so take advantage of this opportunity that this person is your friend and try to find, try to find opportunities to spend even more time with this person, so if there's parties or after school events that are going on, then make sure that you go to these and try to spend as much time talking to this person as you can. Show an interest in their interests, and find out what they like to do, what they don't like to do. Basically, just get to know them by talking to them. And once you got to know them and you still don't seem to quite get the picture that you're interested, then maybe you can start dropping some subtle hints to show that you're available, that you think that they are an interesting and cool or cute person. You don't need to be really obvious about this, but there are ways that you can give small compliments, or you know, show small favors or courtesy's. Be, you know, be nice to this person. Smile at them a lot. Be kind to them, be considerate. These are all ways in which you can show that you are interested and if they still fail to hick, pick up this hint, then you know, as a last resort you can still always ask them out yourself.


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