How to Get a Man to Chase You

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If someone wants to get a man to chase them, they run the risk of sending him mixed messages. Find out how to avoid games when building an honest relationship with help from a psychologist in this free video on dating advice.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Reka Morvay, and I'm a psychologist. I'm going to talk to you today, about how to get men to chase you. I have some misgivings about this subject. I will tell you my opinion, on how you can get any person to start chasing you, and this is by giving them some very mixed messages, so basically, by showing all the signs of interest in a man, and then when he actually comes to you and says, or shows that he's interested in you, then increasing your distance, and keeping them uncertain about whether or not you really are interested, so this would be a game of giving all sorts of mixed messages, so at one point, when they lose interest, then you show that you're interested, and when they show interest, then you show that maybe you're not so interested. My question is though, why you would want to play a game like this in the first place? because it would seem that if you want an actual honest, and intimate relationship, then this is not the best tactic, because any healthy person, with a good healthy self-esteem, after a couple of times of this happens, would just say, Ok, well obviously, she is pretty screwed up, and/or she's not interested in me, and she doesn't know what she wants, so he would just say, Ok, well, I'll find somebody who is interested in me. There's only so long they can stretch this game, to keep a healthy man interested. However, if you find somebody who doesn't have such healthy self-esteem, then maybe you can keep stretching this game longer, but why would you be interested in doing this? is my main question. Why not instead, focus on being able to develop a healthy, intimate relationship in the first place? by showing somebody that you're interested in them, and when they show you that they're interested in you, in moving on to the next stage, and not just getting stuck in this cat and mouse chase.


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