What to Feed a Dog That Is Vomiting

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When a dog is vomiting, lay off feeding the animal for 24 hours, allowing his or her stomach to settle down before offering a bland diet. Slowly reintroduce the dog's regular food, seeking veterinary care if the vomiting persists, with information from a pet care specialist in this free video on dogs.

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Video Transcript

What to feed a dog that's vomiting. If your dog does have a vomiting spell, and he continues to do so, what you need to do, is lay off feeding the dog for about twenty four hours, to allow any stomach irritation to settle down. This will go lengths to helping the dog keep whatever you're going to feed him next, down, if it is just like a stomach bug or something like that, that is irritating him. After that, you want to introduce a bland diet. You can purchase various bland diets, or you can make one of your own, of one part low fat, boiled hamburger meat, or boneless chicken meat, to two parts rice. If you feed him the same amount of food you would feed him normally, using that, and then if no irritation or vomiting continues from that, you can slowly add his food back into the mix, over the course of say a week, two weeks. Of course, if at any time the vomiting continues, or becomes increasingly a bigger problem, makes you take your animal to the vet, I cannot stress this enough. If your dog is sick, he needs to see his veterinarian. Good luck.


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