What Do Poodles Eat?

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Poodles eat high-quality dog food, and some brands create breed-specific foods that cater to each breed's dietary needs, requirements and preferences. Find a high-quality food for a poodle with information from a pet care specialist in this free video on dogs.

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Video Transcript

What do poodles eat? Well poodles are dogs and being as that they eat dog food. There are, of course, lots of different dog foods on the market and there are even in fact some breed specific dog foods on the market. Royal Canine is a large maker of them, and Eukanuba has recently gotten into making some of them. And I'm sure Royal Canine probably makes a breed specific for poodle, I don't believe Eukanuba does but they may. I could be wrong. My personal feeling for most is that breed specific diets are a waste of time. Dogs are dogs, while every dog is of course individual and different it has it's own metabolism and dietary needs, it's not very species specific in my opinion. Make sure your dog get on a high-quality food, your poodle gets on a high-quality food that has high-quality ingredients, doesn't have lots of fillers. Try to stay away from too much corn or wheat. Stay away from what we call grocery brands, as they tend to be not very good food. If you're buying it from your grocery store chances are it's not worth your time and money. Remember that money spent on a good food is money saved on a trip to the vets office. As just like us a dog's diet is a very, very strong indicator to the dog's health. So make sure you find a good dog food for your poodle. If you feel it's necessary to track down a breed-specific diet by all means, but in my personal opinion you're probably wasting your time. Just find a good quality dog food that you feel comfortable with and you like the company of and be happy with that.


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