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Heartworm medicine is a combination of ivermectin, which is a general anti-parasitic, and pyrantel, which is a de-worming agent. Keep a dog up to date on heartworm preventative with information from a pet care specialist in this free video on dogs.

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Pet heartworm medication. Your common pet heartworm medications are going to be a combination of two things. Ivermectin, which is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic which works against pretty much all forms of worms except tapeworms. And this can also be used to treat mites and lice, it's very commonly used around the world and in fact is even used to fight river blindness which is a parasite that's often transmitted in third world countries around fast-moving rivers by mosquitoes or large black flies. This is usually combined with another medication called Pyrantel, which is a deworming agent and it's often used for hookworms, other forms of worms and parasites. This is very commonly used in lots of livestock animals around America. So most heartworm medications are going to be a combination of those two active medications that work together to help pretty much take care of a majority of actual worm problems in your animal. But specifically the heartworm is what they're after. So they work very well, and they are very effective.


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