How Fast Does a Dog Run?

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A dog can run an average of 19 miles per hour, but the fastest dog breeds, such as a greyhound, can run up to 42 miles per hour at their top speed. Discover how fast dogs can run with information from a pet care specialist in this free video on dogs.

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Video Transcript

How fast can a dog run? Your average dog, if you were to take all the top speeds, add them all up together, and average them out, it's going to be somewhere around 19 miles an hour or so. Again, this is your average dog that is out playing, you're at the dog park, moving around, throwing the ball around. That's going to be about his top speed. Now, the real runners of the dog world, the greyhounds, that are by far the fastest dogs, can top out at around 42 miles an hour, when they really, really push it. Now, these are animals at their peak performance, or trained, and fed very high protein diets, and high energy diets, to keep their muscle tone up, and nice and strong, but potentially, that is the technically top speed, for land speed for a dog in the planet, is roughly around 42 miles an hour. Again, your average dog that we have at home, can be more around 19 miles an hour, maybe a little bit less, maybe a little bit more, but 19 miles an hour is going to be your usual speed, top speed.


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