Home Remedies for Heartworms

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Home remedies for heartworms are extremely dangerous, as only prescribed heartworm preventative and proper veterinary care treatment are effective it curing the dog and preventing the spread of the disease. Seek professional veterinary care to treat a dog with heartworms with information from a pet care specialist in this free video on dogs.

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Video Transcript

What are some home remedies for heartworm? There aren't any. Heartworm is a parasitical infection in the heart of the animal. There are no home remedies for heartworm. If your dog has heartworm, or you suspect he has heartworm, or you haven't been checked out for heartworm, it is very important that you take your animal to the vet and have it checked out for heartworm. They'll take....they'll draw a little bit of blood and run that blood through some tests, and they will tell you whether or not your animal has the infection. It is passed around by mosquitoes, and it is very, very common, especially in canines. That is why heartworm is....heartworm medication is so pushed by the veterinary society as a whole. It's because it is so prevalent, and it is so easily passed around, that it's very important that it's controlled. It is a very big problem, so it's important that you don't mess around and you don't spend too much time trying to dig around or try to find some sort of bizarre home remedy. Don't...don't play with your dog's life. Get your heartworm tests, and get your heartworm medication, and take care of your animal.


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