Where Do Maine Coon Cats Live?

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Maine coon cats typically live as domesticated house cats, but were originally native to the cold forests of Maine. Learn about how Maine coon cats are well-suited for cold weather with information from a pet industry specialist in this free video on cats.

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Video Transcript

Where do Maine Coon cats live? Well, to be frank and honest, 90% if not more of Maine Coon cats live in our homes. They are domesticated animals now. They live with us in our homes or on our property. Be it either as a house pet or perhaps some sort of farm pet, or a mouser, helping to keep mice out of our grain supplies and other such things. So that's pretty much where they live now. They are domestic animals. Originally, Maine Coons as their name would suggest do come from Maine. They are uniquely suited to the harsh winters there. Very well designed for survival there in fact. But because they have such strong survivability, Maine Coons pretty much live nationwide now. They've been domesticated, they've been spread around. They're a very, very common species of cat, and very, very widely seen throughout the United States. So, really they live anywhere we live.


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