What Is the Cost of a Maine Coon Cat?

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The cost for a Maine coon cat can range anywhere from free to $1,000 if the cat is from a breeder. Check animal shelters for Maine coon cats with advice from a pet industry specialist in this free video on cat care.

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Video Transcript

What is the cost of a Maine Coon Cat? Cats are one of those tricky price areas, because they can be anywhere from free from the neighbor's barn next door, to anywhere upwards of several hundred dollars. Maine Coons, depending on the, how purebred it is, how pretty the particular cat is, particular area and that particular breeder, can run you anywhere from 20 bucks, to upwards of almost a thousand dollars. I've seen the prices all over the map. If you are looking for a Maine Coon, and you're interested in getting one, my best recommendation would be the first thing would be to learn as much as you can about what Maine Coons look like, and then hit your local rescues and shelters and Humane Society. Maine Coons are extremely popular, and are very, very popular as outside and farm cats. So, lots of them get abandoned or picked up and go to the Humane Society and are in need of a good home. So, my first suggestion would be to check places like that. And you're going to get your cat for, you know, a nominal fee. Adoption fee of somewhere between, anywhere between thirty-five and maybe a hundred bucks, depending on the rescue organization. If you desperately, desperately want a purebred Maine Coon, well, you're probably your best bet is to hit various online publications like Cat Fancy, as well as the physical magazine, and check out breeders who breed specifically. But you will pay for it. They can get expensive. So, good luck, on your search for your Maine Coon cat.


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