How Much Does Revolution Flea Medication Cost in the U.S.?

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Revolution flea medication for cats cost around $40 for a three-month supply in the United States, or $70 for a six-month supply. Fight fleas, ticks, ear mites and heartworms with Revolution using advice from a pet industry specialist in this free video on cat care.

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Video Transcript

How much does Revolution cost? Revolution is a brand of topical flea and mite control ointment that also helps control heartworm. So, it fights heartworm, it fights fleas, it fights ticks, and it fights ear mites. Generally, Revolution is safe for cats and kittens, there's a cat formula and a dog formula. It's safe on kittens and puppies up to, after 6 weeks. It's waterproof after two hours of application, and generally in most markets a 3 month supply is going to run you somewhere around forty dollars. So, it's relatively priced comparable to Frontline, which is about the same. You can also buy 6 month packages which generally run anywhere from sixty to seventy dollars. Again, this is kind of an approximation. Your local store and/or online dealer may be ten or five dollars more or less. And then of course, if you're buying it online, also include shipping into your cost as well. It's generally thought of to be a fairly well used medication, it works fairly well. Though I personally have had complaints about it not working all that great against fleas and ticks in certain heights of the season. So, you know, again, be wary of your own individual animal and it's own reactions to those sorts of medications.


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