How to Cut Expenses & Live More Frugally

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To live more frugally and cut expenses, avoid buying luxury items, cut back on eating out, buy store brand products, use regular gas instead of high-test gas and mend your own clothes. Be creative to cut expenses with help from a registered financial consultant in this free video on money management.

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Video Transcript

This is financial adviser Patrick Munro talking about how to cut expenses and live more frugally. Now this is America and a lot of individuals don't believe in living frugally rather they believe in living large. And now a days in recessionary times, individuals are forced sometimes to consider a more frugal life style. Cutting expenses is the first part of that and the way to do that, of course, is to cut back on luxury spending items, extraneous items that you would have. Such as, eating out 3 - 4 times at a restaurant. It's more important to cook your own food and be mindful when you go grocery shopping to buy the name store brands instead of the deluxe brands. There's many ways to cut back on spending. You can also fill your car with regular gas instead of high test gas. You can mend your own clothing instead of going out and buying designer clothing. These things add up. And when you be come focused on living more frugally and cutting expenses, you will see more and more ideas being revealed to you based on your credibility being able to do this. This is Patrick Munro; financial adviser talking about how to cut expenses and live more frugally.


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