Why Do Cats Chase Mice?

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Cats chase mice to fulfill their instincts, as felines are natural predators and hunters whose vision is developed to see moving objects much better than stationary things. Understand a cat's natural chasing instincts with help from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about why cats chase mice. Cats are natural predators. They are hunters, and so, out in the wild, they're going to get their food sources from wild creatures, not vegetation, so they're going to go after birds, rodents, and things like that. Rodents happen to be a nice little package of food, and so cats also have a good visual acuity with things that are running by, or things that are flying by.That's how they use their senses, to locate something like that, like a mouse, so the reason they go after them is a food source, and so a cat that's indoors, even though it's getting cat food, it's still going to go after things that move very easily, or very acutely, because that's that natural predator instinct, that they're using, and so an indoor cat that sees a mouse, by instinct, is generally going to want to go after it, and that's just a natural process.


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