What Is Crate Training?

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Crate training works with a dog's natural instinct to be in a confined area. Choose a crate that is big enough for a dog to move around and lay down. Learn more about how long to keep a dog in a crate with information from a professional dog trainer in this free video on dog care.

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Video Transcript

What is crate training? Crate training is actually working with the dog's natural instinct to be in a confined area. You want to make sure that your crate is tall enough for your dog to stand up in comfortably and long enough for your dog to fit and wide enough foe them to turn around. You want your dog to be able to lie down comfortably and move around without running into the sides or the top of the cage. There are a couple of different kinds of cages. This cage is just an open wire cage. And the other option would be more of a molded plastic cage or kennel that they typically use on airlines. It's almost a preference thing with dogs. Some dogs prefer the more open space where they can see out, and other prefer to be a little bit more protected and confined. Never rush a dog. This is a good opportunity to work with a professional. You want the dog to be comfortable in a cage. And Posey here is 10 years old, and she has been spending time in kennels her entire life. And so she's very comfortable. And you'll see that her instinct is, and her desire is, to be in the cage. She's comfortable in there. It's a safe environment, it's a known environment. So this makes it very easy, when she has to go to the veterinarian or to the groomer, for her to be comfortable away from home. Another really important point with crate training or cage training is to make sure that your dog is never in the cage longer than their bladder or their need to go to the bathroom is. So you don't want to have your dog be confined in their own filth, because that will short-circuit their desire to be clean. So always make sure they have ample potty breaks.


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